Community guide

We strongly encourage you to take a look at our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, as those each represent the definitive set of guidelines that govern your use of the Fotolog service.

For Fotolog to be a fun experience for everyone, it comes down to this:

1. Respect others and their work.

2. Respect the Fotolog environment and the people that work hard to keep it usable and enjoyable.


* Fotolog is a place to share your daily photos. Don’t upload other people’s photos to your Fotolog page. Period. It’s disrespectful and, in many cases, it’s against the law.

* We want Fotolog to be a place that anybody can enjoy.

o - No nudity, no flaunting, and no sexual content. No naked breasts, no naked crotches, no naked butts, no provocative lingerie, underwear, or posing – even artistic and drawn images have to have clothing on.

o - No images that contain gore, blood, excessive injuries, weaponry, illegal activities, illegal substances, or violence are allowed; fake violence, fake blood, or violence against animals are still considered abusive.

o - Hateful, discriminatory, or defamatory images/content are not permitted. Fotolog does not discriminate based on age, sex, race, gender, nationality, sexual preference, culture, or religion and will not tolerate such discrimination on the site.

o - No foul language – not in your username, the title of your Fotolog page, your photo captions, your guestbook messages, etc.

o - You are responsible for any image uploaded to your account; whether it’s there for two days or two minutes, the uploading of abusive content can and will be considered cause for deactivation.

* Don't use our interface to spread spam. That includes:

o - Repeated requests to people you don’t know to visit your Fotolog page or add you to their friends list.

o - Chain letters.

o - Marketing messages for your non-Fotolog websites and businesses.

o - Harmful links to phishing sites, obscene content, malware, or other malicious content.

o - The use of automated services to leave messages in multiple guestbooks will not be tolerated.

* If you come across someone violating these guidelines, please follow these steps:

o - If the abusive content is a picture, report it to us using the Report This Photo link located beneath every picture.

o - For any other form of abuse, please use the Help link to contact us and we’ll look into the issue as soon as possible. One report is sufficient.

* We are constantly working on new functionality that will allow you to protect your Fotolog page from unwanted participation by other people, but remember – it’s the Internet. You’re sharing your photos in a public forum. You have to expect other people to do or say things you don’t always agree with.

* Please also remember, there are millions of Fotolog members, so think twice before you send us that email that says “I demand justice because someone called me a name” – there’s not much we can do and it distracts our volunteers from taking care of legitimate problems.

* Fraud or other abusive behaviors are strictly prohibited. Fotolog is first and foremost a community, and such behavior is unacceptable.

* Any reported violation of these guidelines is grounds for a deactivation.

o - Ultimately, you are responsible for the content and actions of your accounts; keep it safe by not sharing your password or letting others sign up for an account using your email address. Remember: when one account is deactivated, all associated accounts are deactivated.

o - Deactivation is permanent and can occur without warning; please make sure you read and understand these guidelines before uploading content.

As groups are a little different from a standard member page, they require a couple of extra guidelines:

* All pictures uploaded to groups must:

o - Be on topic for the group

o - Abide by the rest of these guidelines

* Group managers have the right to delete any picture on their group that they deem to be ‘off-topic’. If you disagree with the group manager, start your own group!

* Spamming a group with off-topic images can and will get your account deactivated. Just don't do it.

Once again: other Fotolog members are human beings and have feelings – please respect each other! And, have fun being part of the world’s biggest photo-blogging community.

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