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Actually 3.4" in Diameter /|\ Knits grab inside Doughnutt Rings

I started making these and using them to keep cold air from my own face. Then I pull scarf off and remove rings by just twisting the knitted material tightly and away.

Tongs for cashmere fabric can whip up a skirt and top fast. Then a pull and twist allows fabric to come loose quick. About 15 seconds and the rings even flex to the point to help knit to pull better and away from nails and hooks and catches. Colors remind me of autumn and should usually be used for nail paint. If someone really wants to paint a bucket of nails or rusty ones. That would be the best colors I would refer.

AaronAmyx Alien Alien Chin Nail Alien Nec Anderson Pain Black Rock Fulgs Carl Stubbs Chelsie Anderson Christie's Nails Colorful Nails for Colors to paint with Covenant CS Screen Writer David Chin Nail Doughnutt Rings For ugly or bad Greaving Anderson Hat Jackie Limb Nails Mittens Nail Color Nail Paint Nail Pendant Nails Old Pigeon Prod Rustic NailsSquare Nails TJ Nail Nook

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Expresa con tus uñas, lo que tu eres por dentro..
sé linda y original, pasaa y dejaa huella

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